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The Gang.png
Main Characters Family.png
Monsters Group_001_Background.png
Spook Squad Family Home_Day.png
Spook Squad Family Home.png
Rooftop Background.png
Monster Pirates Designs_002.png
Goblots_Concept_ Sketches_005.png
Goblots_Concept Human Characters_Final_001.png
Nosey Neighbor_001.png
Mayor character design_001.png
Goblees Abilities_Image.png
Goblees Background Render_FINAL_001.png
Catus Pot.jpg
'Little Pricks' Character Design. Characters drawn and coloured digitally in Photoshop
Catus Pot_Pointy_003.jpg
Catus Pot_Pinch_001.jpg
Catus Pot_Prickly_002.jpg
Goldfish Character Design. Character drawn and coloured digitally in Photoshop. Personal Project.
Goldfish Design_001_Colour.png
Goldfish_Turn Around.jpg
Concept Art_001 Pitch_001_edited.jpg
Character Concept_Old Crab_002.png
Character Concept_Old Crab_001.png
Character Concept_Small Crab_001.png
Character Concept_Small Crab_002.png
Old Crab_Turn Around.jpg
Small Crab_Turn Around.jpg
Seagull_Turn Around.jpg
Rhino_ Expression Sheet.png
Buzz ButtleBug.png
Battle Bug Bots Character Design. Characters drawn and coloured digitally in Photoshop
Buzz ButtleBug_Character Sheet_001.png
Buzz ButtleBug_Character Sheet_002.png
Buzz ButtleBug_Expression Sheet_001.png
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